Nicole Pesce

Nicole Pesce

Nicole Pesce   – Outstanding pianist, composer, and arranger Nicole Pesce entertains audiences with her unique blend of virtuosity, humor, and pizzazz. She began playing at the age of 7 and by age 10 had committed over 500 songs to memory. Since then, she has performed for and with numerous famous individuals, including Debbie Reynolds,  Rich Little, Buddy Greco, Pat Boone, Lew King and Barbara Stanwyck, as well as  Muhammad Ali, Ricky Martin, George Bush, Sr., Waylon Jennings, Taylor Hicks, George Benson, Janet Napolitano, Shaquille O’Neal, Jimmy Carter, Chris Rock, Steve Nash, The Gypsy Kings, Glen Campbell, and many more.  With 300 songs to her credit, she is still actively composing as well as performing. And if you haven’t seen it yet, check out Nicole’s “Happy Birthday Variations” video, which has had over 11 million views on YouTube.

Performing at:

Cabaret at RJ’s

Cabaret at RJ's Schedule Friday 7:00 pm - Nicole Pesce -with Ron Jones, Shelley Denny 8:00 pm - Dave Bennet Quartet 9:00 pm - Shaymus Hanlin Quartet Saturday 7:00 pm - Yve Evans & Company 8:00 pm - Nicole Pesce w/Ron Jones, Shelley Denny 9:00 pm - Marilyn Keller with Groovus {{ vc_btn: title=Return+to+Schedule&color=primary&align=center& }} [...]

Garden Terrace

Garden Terrace Schedule Friday 12:30 pm  – Yve Evans & Company with Marilyn Keller 2:00 pm   – Syncopating Sea-Monkeys 3:30 pm   – The Brass Nickels 5:00 pm  – Groovus 6:30 pm – Carl Sonny Leyland Trio 8:00 pm – SYB Tower Bridge Trad 9:30 pm – Nicole Pesce Trio (Ron Jones, Shelley Denny) [...]

Grand Ballroom

Grand Ballroom Schedule Friday 12:30 pm  – San Lyon 2:00 pm   – Tom Rigney & Flambeau 3:30 pm   – Dave Bennett 5:00 pm  – Parker & the Weis Guys 6:30 pm – Auchestra 8:00 pm – The Brass Nickels 9:30 pm – High Street with Brian Casserly Saturday 9:30 am – Shaymus Hanlin [...]